Apartment Buildings

Apartments for Rent in Bangkok.

When you are moving to Thailand, you can either choose to Rent a Condo in Bangkok, Rent an Apartment in Bangkok, or Rent a House in Bangkok. The difference between a Condominium and an Apartment is that Condominium units are individually owned and the entire apartment building is owned by just one owner.

Some people prefer to choose an Apartment over a Condominium, because apartments are overall more spacious and suits families better then condos. When you renting an Apartment in Bangkok and have your own furniture, most of the time the Landlord can take out their own furniture or move it to another unit, which is not possible when renting a Condominium.

Also when you are working for a multinational company or Embassy, your company most of the time pays your rent and will ask for a company contract with your landlord, which most condominium owners do not accept due to the extra income tax they have to pay.

Another advantage is that most owners of Apartment Buildings do accept pets, which is not allowed in Condominiums. One disadvantage of apartments is that the cost for utilities are higher than when you are renting a condo.

When you rent a condo in Bangkok you pay the Electricity costs directly to the MEA, but in an Apartment building you pay directly to your new Landlord.

Please find a selection of Apartment Buildings in Bangkok below.