The Land Of Smiles

Thailand is best known as a beautiful, affordable and exotic world tourist destination. Expats who are moving here to Thailand will certainly get to enjoy a remarkable paradise on a more permanent basis, even with recent instabilities within the country.

Thailand has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, long traditional cultures, striking landscapes and a chance to experience a truly different way of life to back home, making living in Thailand both interesting and comfortable for many expatriates. 

However, finding employment here that pays well can be a major challenge for expats who want to live in Thailand. Majority of the job opportunities in the country can be found in the capital Bangkok, may new arrivals descending upon the already busting thriving Thai capital for this reason, lots of expats are also being assigned transfers from their existing companies who require expats in their companies here.

Please check out the Recruitment agencies section on this website to make your search a bit easier.

Most expats are willing to put up with the notorious traffic in Bangkok, others fan out into less populated and more indigenous regions, being a Bangkok resident for over 10 years it just become a part of life and we all become Bangkokians very quickly and adapt to it.

There are clear differences between rural and urban environments in the kingdom. Rural life in Thailand often lack the modern amenities , while urban environments are on overdrive and full speed ahead, inundating expats with noise pollution and a lack of space, making it difficult to find a balance, however living in the capital is the best experience you will ever get. 

Some expats scatter across the country as they live here longer and often go to the northern regions such as Chiang Mai to enjoy the more tradition Thai lifestyle, but you will get to see traditions on every street corner, that’s what makes this place unique.

When some people think of Thailand, they think of it as being underdeveloped, rustic and a backward country. In reality, Bangkok is a very modern city and you will find almost everything you need here as you would back home in your country. 

It’s not always easy, especially for the newly arrived expats who cannot yet speak Thai.

The best thing is to become familiar with the surroundings and major department stores which are scattered throughout Bangkok also in many large provincial towns. Tesco LotusBig CCentral Department StoresSiam ParagonEmquartier and Emporium are the main ones and are multi-level department stores offering everything and are ultra-modern.


The usual recommended vaccinations for Thailand include cover against the childhood diseases (Tetanus & Diphtheria Measles, Mumps & Rubella) as cover against food borne diseases of Typhoid & Hepatitis A.

People who wish to go trekking in the countryside or staying for longer periods it is recommended to get vaccinated against Hepatitis B & Rabies should be considered.

It is advisable to start vaccines approximately 4 to 6 before leaving.

Bringing in Pets:

A pet is classified in Thailand as an animal that is raised and fed in a family home. Information can be obtained from the Department of Livestock Development.

To import a dog or cat into the Kingdom there are several restrictions you should be aware about. Firstly you need a health certificate which should be issued by your vet in your home country. it will show which breed the animal is and how many animals are included, It shows the following.

  • Breed
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Identifying the features 
  • Owners contact details
  • Show no signs of any diseases
  • State no outbreaks of Rabies in your home country in the last 12 months
  • Show which vaccinations against Rabies that have been completed

A dog would need to be vaccinated against Leptospirosis 21 days prior to travel. All vaccines used have to be approved by the Thai government and it is the responsibility of your vet to ensure correct information before administrating any vaccines.

Regarding an export certificate your vet can arrange this for you before you leave. You will receive an import permit once you have arrived into the Kingdom, this can be issued by an official at the animal import desk, you will be asked to present health certificate and ID information given to you by your vet. 

Once you are all set and your pet is with you, there are no regulations on ownership of pets and you do not require a license to keep one. 

All pet supplies and vets are readily available in Thailand as Thai people love pets.

You and your pet will be very happy here, but remember it does get hot here so consider the changes in temperatures and environment to back home.


There will be certain things you will need to bring and things to consider prior to moving. Here is a simple short list of some key things:

  • If you are going to start your new adventure in a hotel, then bring things in your carry-on luggage to keep the kids and family happy
  • Make sure you bring cash, travelers cheques and at least one credit card, you will be able to open a savings account where you will get an ATM card 
  • International driving license , you will be able to use it for a while on arrival, its a good form of ID too, you will be able to apply for your Thai license after being in the Kingdom
  • Check the voltage of your electrical items Thailand is 220 Volts so if you live in country with 110 Volts then you might want to bring a 220 Volt to a 110 Volt transformer but not 110 Volt to 220 volt as you might commonly find in a 110 country
  • Check your TV and other video equipment Thailand operates on PAL-2B/G system
  • Be sure to get a reputable international shipping company that is used to dealing with Thailand customs and regulations, be sure to get insurance as it’s a necessity. Once here a relocation or moving company well established in Thailand can help prevent long delays and any such problems which may arise.
  • Clothing is very affordable here, so you don’t need to bring excessive amounts of clothing and its warm here so no need for all those bulky winter clothes.
  • Lastly the obvious, Passports, Visas (if required) and your travel tickets.

Welcome to the Land of Smiles.