The term “To Work” in Thai law is defined broadly, covering both mental and physical activities, whether or not for wages or other forms of compensation. Volunteer or charity work in Thailand requires a work permit.

Expatriates are generally needed to work special positions in Thailands industrial sectors. However, with professional experience in certain service industries, they also bring the best qualifications for working here in Thailand.

Thailand’s manufacturing industry or Bangkok’s Central Business District (CBD) is far more lucrative. Most of the expatriates work in the service sector within Bangkok’s more central districts, especially in the thriving Central Business District.

The stock exchange of Thailand is of great importance to the entire Southeast Asian market. Bangkok’s CBD also houses the regional branches of some International banks, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and numerous companies operating for the tourism industry especially the airlines.

The standard working week in Thailand is officially from Monday to Saturday, although some companies work until Friday or open only half a day on Saturday. Employees can work up to a maximum of 48 hours per week.

An expat employees normal work day and their working week will depend on the industry they are working in. Jobs in the tourism industry can have irregular hours. 

Expats normally don’t come to work in Thailand to save money. They are generally more interested in the country’s natural riches, this does not mean that foreigners can’t make a decent living in Thailand, they generally have a very good standard of life compared to back home, it has many perks to working overseas.

It is important to remember that expatriates hired or transferred from overseas tend to make higher salaries than those who find employment in Thailand after they arrive.

Labour Restrictions 

If you are interested in working in Thailand, you need to be aware, that there are certain restrictions and these have to be adhered to or severe penalties will be enforced. According to the Foreign Business Act, aliens should not be working in Thailands construction sector, in retail, as office assistants and in many other fields of employment. 

Therefore the best opportunities for working in the Kingdom of Thailand are qualified positions in the following fields/sectors.

  • ICT
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Medical Technology
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Financial Services
  • Trade
  • Hospitality

The hospitality trade is a very lucrative sector in Thailand, if you have good to excellent English skills and some knowledge of Thai it will certainly help. Most of the main luxury hotels in Thailand especially Bangkok have foreign General Managers and other key senior positions.

Tourism is a popular source of work for foreigners especially for expats living outside of Bangkok. There are many opportunities for expats with diving certifications and with he many diving shops and live a boards boats offering recreational work. This lifestyle is very tempting to expats.

Thai companies tend to hire locals when it comes to professional fields like accounting, engineering, and law, there are many multinational corporations that may be able to offer expats with specialised skills a position within the company.

Expats wanting to work in Thailand should negotiate an expat package, which normally includes, part salary paid in their own currency, housing, schooling, health care.

Work Visas for Thailand

WORK PERMIT is needed to work legally in Thailand and this is normally organised by the hiring company. 

Before you start your new job, please make sure that you have a formally signed employment contract and  Business visa that includes a work permit. These are the basic requirements for working and living in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Working overseas broadens your scope and you will certainly benefit from this. I have worked for over 20 years from my own country and it has taught me so many things about life and learning different cultures has been the best thing to come out of it.

Please check the list with companies who can assist you with arranging the VisaWorkpermit or Accounting Companies.

Have a great time working here in Thailand!